Rural Aid’s unofficial spokesperson, The Ringer, advises Australians on how to dress like a farmer.

One of Australia’s largest rural charities, Rural Aid, is asking all Australians to dress like a farmer for the national “Good Onya Mate” fundraising concert scheduled for 28 November.

Rural Aid’s unofficial spokesperson for the event, known as The Ringer, held a press conference today to advise Australians on appropriate footwear for the event.

“If you’re going to get involved in this bloody spectacular event in a few weeks, you’ll need to put your best boot forward,” The Ringer says from his paddock in central Queensland.

“The trusty RM William is suitable for those dressing as well-heeled wool growers down south, gumboots are fine for dairy farmers, the square-toed boot is best for cattle producers… but I must reiterate, ugg boots are a no go.” 

The charity encourages Australians to post a photo of their outfits with the hashtag #goodonyamate as a message of solidarity to farmers across the country.

The nationally broadcast concert is set to be a star-studded event with local and international stars banding together to say Good Onya Mate to our farmers who have survived through drought, bushfire, flood and covid this year. 

Rural Aid  has more than 14,000 farmers registered for assistance and receives new registrations daily. Rural Aid has distributed over $28 million in aid in the last year. Rural Aid is known as a rapid responder in the face of natural disaster, supporting our farmers from emergency to recovery. 

“Rural Aid is building stronger futures for farmers, their families and the communities they call home,” The Ringer concluded

To help Australians authentically dress like a farmer, Rural Aid has appointed The Ringer from Queensland to explain how it’s done. He held a press conference today on appropriate footwear.
Official spokesperson, CEO John Warlters 0409618641
Unofficial spokesperson, The Ringer 0407652149
Media contact, Lyndsey Douglas 0424203935 media@ruralaid.org.au